Recreational Fires


The Reading Fire Department desires all citizens not to be denied the enjoyment of recreational fires. Although these fires are typically small in size, they can still represent a significant fire hazard. In an effort to minimize damage and/or injury from fires, the Fire Prevention Code provides the following guidelines:


  • When the fire is contained within an approved container (i.e. commercial fire pits, screened devices, etc.), the fire shall be located more than 15’ from any structure. The immediate area within 15’ should also be clean of combustible materials, such as overgrown brush, weeds, and shrubs.

  • When the fire is not contained within an approved container, the fire should be located more than 25’ from any structure and the immediate area within 25’ clean of combustible materials.

  • The burning of garbage, leaves, landscape waste, construction waste and other combustible materials are prohibited. Only seasoned, dried firewood is permitted.

  • The fire must be started with combustible materials; no flammable/combustible liquids can be used to ignite the fire.

  • The recreational fire must not exceed 3’ diameter and 2’ in height.

  • The Fire Department may prohibit any burning when atmospheric or local conditions make such fires a hazard or nuisance.

  • A means for immediate utilization for extinguishment must be readily available.

  • Fires must always be attended by an adult until completely extinguished.


Contact the Reading Fire Department for additional information: 513-733-5537, or visit their webpage: